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Trustee Says
“Greeting Friends”

The Merito Charitable Trust ( MCT) is thrilled to announce the initiative to support the deserving and the needy in all possible capacity. For MCT , this initiative represents a significant, additional commitment in our true investment in the individuals who deserve the best in order to move ahead and become a responsible citizen of our country. We believe that the initiative will be of great value, not only to the recepients but to the larger community as a whole. We also hope that it will provoke deeper questions about how funders can often invest in helping the needy and how we can become more thoughtful about their long term needs.

Since 2004 Merito Charitable Trust have been operating as an non profit organization and in the year 2006 the Trustees of MCT approved large funding allocations, above and beyond ongoing program budgets for both Education and Medical Programs, to support the special scheme focused on improving educational facilities and Health care systems in and around us.

Since then MCT and our board had a number of discussions and over time both staff and trustees came to the conclusion that a large allocation of funds should be used in innovative ways to help education and medical excel in the best modern ways. With the opportunity before us to expand support to deserving community and also had the opportunity to study various other grant programs, which inspired us in multiple ways.