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Our Activities
“Our Intention at MCT”

Intention at our Trust is to specifically take care of the upliftment of deserving members of our society with the emphasis on destitute children and children in crisis.

1) Educational Aid

2) Ambulance Service24 X 7
'Helping you every step of the way.. Because YOUR LIFE matters'

24 hrs a day,7 days a week, 365 days a year
"Helping you every step of the way.. Because YOUR LIFE matters"
Always Caring, Always There for YOU
MERITO CHARITABLE TRUST, is at your disposal with our Ambulance service to provide utmost care to your loved ones, relatives and friends, 24 hrs a day. We deliver best quality care to our patients in need of time, with clinical standards and comfortable bedside ambulance transport. You are just a phone call away from an organization that has established an outstanding reputation for high quality patient care and medical transportation services.

3) Medical Relief